Event Participation Policy

Event Participation Policy

When playing in an event at Table Top Warfare, you are required to abide by the following guidelines:

Fairness: Games stop being fun when players break the rules to achieve victory. A player should prefer to lose a game than to win by cheating. Deliberate cheating will not be tolerated. Slow playing, constant disruption and not understanding the rules clearly is not fair to your fellow players. Please ensure you are ready for the competition you choose to enter. Table Top Warfare offers Beginner Sessions to get you ready for competitions and higher-level events.

In the spirit of supporting your local stores, game developers, manufacturers and in keeping things fair and equal to all players we do not allow the use of 3D printed models, recasts, proxy cards or fake cards at our organised play events. This includes weekly tournaments right through to high level sanctioned events.

Honesty: Players of any game should strive to act honestly while playing that game. If a player inadvertently breaks a rule during a game and becomes aware of the error before their opponent or a judge, that player should make the opponent and the judge aware of the misplay.

Respect: Players, spectators, customers, staff and property should be treated with the same respect that players would expect for themselves and their property. Please ensure you are following the Table Top Warfare Code of Conduct at all times.

Sportsmanship: Winning or losing gracefully is vital to the enjoyment of any game. Demeaning and disrespectful comments or actions before, during or after a game indicate poor sportsmanship and will not be tolerated. We love to see encouragement and support within our gaming community.

Learning: We all want more people to play games with. Players should strive to help each other increase their play skills, game knowledge and experience. It is not a player’s responsibility to make their opponent’s plays for them, however, discussing strategies, offering tips, or constructively critiquing game play decisions after a match has been completed helps both participants to become better players.

Teaching: Providing new players with a positive experience is the most valuable things any person can provide to our community. We greatly appreciate your support in our efforts to make Table Top Warfare and the communities we serve a safe, fun experience for all.

At the end of the day, we want all participants, spectators, customers and staff to have a fun and enjoyable experience and thank you for following the Table Top Warfare Code of Conduct, Event Participation Policy and the Anti-harassment Policy to make this possible.