DBS Fusion World [FS05] Deck 05 Starter Deck

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This product is coming soon and will release on August 9, 2024.

The "DBSCG FUSION WORLD STARTER DECK [FS05]" is all you need to start the game! FS05 is a complete set that includes all the pre-constructed deck, play sheet, rules manual, and energy markers! Even if you have never played the game before, you can start playing right away by purchasing one of these starter decks.

FS05 comes with a new black deck that adds new mechanisms that further expand the strategy of the deck. Numerous new characters have also joined the game!

Each set includes one special pack! The cards included in the Starter Deck have been powered up to holo Alt-art cards! A total of 7 cards are available, and you are guaranteed to get at least one of them.

A promotion code for the digital version of FB03 is also included in the package!

1 Display includes 6 Decks

Rarities: There are 16 types in total.

  • Leader x1
  • Common x13
  • Super Rare x2