Bcw Player Folio Sci Fi

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The BCW Player Folio is a great option for transporting, and organizing your various player-character information, feats, equipment, backstory and sundry information. There's room for whole pages and cards. Everything is visible and findable, and you can organize it to your liking. It works great for RPG games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and Starfinder.

The BCW Player Folio will accommodate up to 16 single sided (or 8 double sided) character sheets and up to 72 standard sized cards to assist your character. Our archival safe polypropylene pages will not harm the cards or papers stored within and offer an attractive method to protect, store, and display your adventuring character.

  • Acid-Free, archival safe, polypropylene pages. No PVC
  • Colorful, rigid matte front and back covers
  • Contains 12 pages:
    • 4 document pages
    • 4 double-sided, 9-pocket pages
    • 4 more document pages