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Guild Master

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You are the master of a new Adventuring Guild, competing with rival Guilds for fame as increasingly dangerous events threaten the city.

Combine your adventurer’s skills and abilities to complete contracts, recruit adventurers, and upgrade your Guild. Players each secretly assemble and order their teams at the same time. Predict your rivals’ likely moves as you sequence your orders to get what you need most. Will your planning pay off? Will you negotiate and cooperate with your rivals? Or will you overpower and outbid them to become the ultimate Guild Master?

Manage your own team of Adventurers to glory!

Engaging balance of secret planning tension, cooperation, conflict and politics. 

Evocative, diverse and inclusive low fantasy adventurer art.

Deluxe components with large uniquely cut players screens and "I'm ready" screen printed ribbons.

Includes Quick Start Guide - a first round learn how to play guide.