Code of Conduct

At Table Top Warfare we strive to provide a gaming space that is welcoming, safe, respectful and a lot of fun for all who attend. All staff, players, spectators, customers and visitors are expected to conduct themselves in a way that ensures this is possible.


Please observe the following store guidelines:


Language – Please be aware of your own language and ensure it is appropriate. You may be removed from any event without prizes at the sole discretion of Table Top Warfare staff for any derogatory, abusive, or foul language. Use your indoor voice. Please do not scream, yell or make excessive loud noise.

Bullying – Treat others how you would want to be treated. Harassment, discrimination, derogatory language, inappropriate comments and activities or other anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated at any time. We are an inclusive and welcoming venue and racial or sexual discrimination will not be tolerated.

Discussion Topics – Let’s keep our personal views personal. Please avoid discussions around sex, religion or politics in store due to their potentially divisive or offensive nature.

Slander - We all form part of the Adelaide Gaming Community. No “bad-mouthing” or slandering of other Games Stores or their communities is allowed in Table Top Warfare stores. We all play our part in keeping the wider gaming community a safe, welcoming and enjoyable one for all players, regardless of their preferred store. Let’s focus on doing what we love, playing the games and having fun.

Theft – If it’s not yours, it’s not yours. Theft of any property belonging to Table Top Warfare, players, spectators, customers or visitors will not tolerated and will result in a report to law enforcement and the sanctioning body for all events. Table Top Warfare reserves the right to inspect any container, bag, package, case, or item at any time. This includes theft by unfair or inequitable trades.

Clothing – A family friendly venue requires family friendly clothing. Wearing of obscene or demeaning attire is not allowed. You may be asked to leave if you are wearing anything that we believe to be inappropriate or offensive. This is at the sole discretion of the Table Top Warfare management and staff.

Personal Hygiene – Look after yourself for the sake of each other. If you haven’t taken a shower or washed your clothes in a while we may ask you to leave and do so. Deodorant is provided in the amenities should you require it.

Illegal Substances – Just enjoy the natural high of playing your favourite game. Anyone caught with illegal substances at a Table Top Warfare event, including in the parking lots, may receive up to a lifetime ban on the first offense without warning. Gaming while intoxicated is also off the menu, as well as a great way to lose.

Smoking – No joking, there’s no smoking! Smoking on the Table Top Warfare premises is not permitted. This includes the area on the footpath under the front veranda. Please move at least 10 meters from the front doors should you wish to smoke.

Weapons – Keep the warfare on the table. Table Top Warfare prohibits the carrying of concealed weapons by all persons other than law enforcement officers.

Horseplay – Keep your hands to yourself. Horseplay of any kind (hitting, mock fighting, kicking, etc.) may be considered offensive and is not allowed. You will be asked to stop and may be asked to leave.

Deceitful Practices - Taking advantage of inexperienced players or customers for personal gain through trades or promotion of competing businesses at our events is not fair and will not be tolerated. You will be asked to rectify the situation if possible and may also be asked to leave.

Promotion and Purchasing – Our business is where we do our business. Conducting any business on our premises without permission from Table Top Warfare staff is disrespectful of the community and business of Table Top Warfare. This includes the promotion of other businesses, buying or selling of cards or games and event promotion for any personal gain or gain of any other venue.

Food and Drinks – We’re hungry to continue servicing our community. If we sell it (or a similar product) please don’t bring it in. Please support the store that provides you a place to play by purchasing all drinks and snack foods directly from Table Top Warfare.

Respect the Venue – Show us you care as much as we do. Please clean up after yourself and leave the game space as clean and neat as you found it.

Photography - Adults participating in our events may be photographed for promotion on the Table Top Warfare website, social media, emails and other marketing material. Some game companies also require photographs of our events for Organized Play support. They may use those images in their marketing efforts as well. By participating in our events, you are agreeing to let your image be used as described above. If you have a concern about this policy, please speak to a staff member upon your arrival. Please do not take photographs of others in our store without their permission.

Social Media – Stay positively connected. Members of our social media and online communication sites are expected to conduct themselves in a way that supports Table Top Warfare and its gaming community. All Code of Conduct, Event Participation Policy and Anti-harassment Policy guidelines extend to include our online spaces and are expected to be followed at all times. Breaches of this will be investigated and you may be removed from our social media pages.

Event Participation Policy – Please ask the Table Top Warfare staff to see the Event Participation Policy.

Anti-harassment Policy - Please ask the Table Top Warfare staff to see the Anti-harassment Policy.

Guardian Responsibility Policy - Please ask the Table Top Warfare staff to see the Guardian Policy.


We have implemented this code of conduct to ensure everyone has a great time when visiting a Table Top Warfare store. Should you fail to abide by this code of conduct, Table Top Warfare reserves the right to ask you to leave at any time and may at our sole discretion prohibit you from future events or issue a complete store ban should you violate any portion of the Code of Conduct.