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When In Rome

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"ALEXA, open When in Rome" - When in Rome is a travel trivia game filled with the voices of real people from around the world. Alexa (Amazon Echo & Smartphones) is your game host and pilot, transporting you to 20 cities on the world map game board.
When in Rome combines cutting-edge technology with the nostalgia of playing Board Games. To win the game you need real strategy - make friends, collect souvenirs and get upgraded.
This first-of-its-kind Board Games fun will have friends and family yelling at Alexa (in a good way!). Meet the real locals from each city and answer their questions - each unique and flavourful. The questions can be from various categories including slang & language, food & drink, myth & legends, and random to strange. Alexa remembers what questions you’ve been asked and always supplies a fresh one. The variety is endless! 
To play, contestants set up the board, connect to the ‘When in Rome’ skill and Alexa will guide the players every step of the way; dividing players into two teams, teaching the rules, managing your progress, and assisting you in times of trouble.
With 20 cities to visit, from Mumbai to San Francisco, and a friendly local asking questions about their city, Alexa steers players through the game as the teams compete to make new friends, earn upgrade cards and collect souvenirs in each new city they visit. The combination of beautiful components, real locals, emergent game-play and Alexa playing host makes Voice Originals When In Rome an unforgettable Board Games experience. 

  • First-of-its-kind fusion of physical Board Games play and cutting-edge technology, with Alexa (Amazon) as host of the game
  • Perfectly integrates with your Alexa Smart Speaker
  • No more rules to read
  • 20+ hours of interactive dialogue
  • Endless variety - choice of easy and hard questions on a variety of topics
  • Alexa remembers the questions asked to prevent repetition 
  • Real strategy - Make friends, collect souvenirs and get upgraded
  • Fun family game, recommended age 13+
  • Works with Alexa smart speakers including Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, and the Alexa smartphone app (smart speaker not included). Full compatibility details here
  • Requires free When In Rome skill for Amazon Alexa to play


1 x Game board
2 x Player tokens
5 x Souvenirs
14 x Upgrade cards
18 x Friend tokens

Please note Amazon Alexa required to play this game and is not included in this pack.