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A stormy night passes over the fabulous world of Fabulantica. As the storm vanishes the next morning, the inhabitants find themselves scattered across the country. To protect themselves from the weather, they have entrenched themselves in ancient towers. The players must help the residents of Fabulantica to find themselves and their friends again to get home safely. With horses, donkeys, camels, ships or the magic carpet, players can move from place to place. First, look for the residents pictured in the lower part of the open order cards, then their friends in the upper part of the card. As a reward, they receive a gold coin. But every time a resident is found successfully, the figure moves to another location. Small stories help to remember who has moved to where.

Fabulantica is a fairy-tale memory game with a catchy travel mechanism. The players have to plan exactly how they use their travel cards to get to the places where they suspect the sought-after fairy-tale characters will be.