Digimon TCG [BT15] Exceed Apocalypse Booster

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The Exceed Apocalypse Booster Display [BT15] introduces 5 popular Digimon from Digimon Adventures with the new ACE play mechanic! The Digimon, Apocalymon, gets its first Digimon card as well as its very own rare alt-art card! In addition, 20 new text cards from the Limited Pack Digimon Ghost Game [LM01] are included as 20 card types. These cards are exclusive to BT15!

There are 124 different card types:

• Common: 46
• Uncommon: 34
• Rare: 23
• Super Rare: 18
• Secret Rare: 3

*Also includes alternate art and/or design cards from the above types

1 booster display contains 24 packs
1 pack contains 12 cards